INHABITING MY POSE--- We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.

I don’t think you miss me. So I won’t tell you I miss you.

But I do. - jessielou24 (via extrasad)

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You’re looking for love & consistency from inconsistent people who don’t know love. And it’s stealing your hope.

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Post-it Notes Left on the Train

Writer and illustrator October Jones, the creative genius behind Text From Dog and these funny train commute doodles, is at it again with these hilarious motivational post-it notes that he leaves on the train and in other random places.The upbeat doodles, which star Jones’ adorable character Peppy the Inspirational Cat, convey positive and funny messages meant to motivate daily commuters. Whether you’re feeling the Monday blues or in need of some encouragement, Jones’ delightful post-it notes are sure to brighten your day and remind you just how awesome you are.

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Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you were the one who carried you through the heartache. You are the one who sits with the cold body on the shower floor, and picks it up. You are the one who feeds it, who clothes it, who tucks it into bed, and you should be proud of that. Having the strength to take care of yourself when the world is trying to bleed you dry, that is the strongest thing in the universe.

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Scarlett’s BBQ dress appreciation

One of my favorite dresses

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I’m looking for a tumblr girlfriend to make famous! Following everyone back :) <3


I’m looking for a tumblr girlfriend to make famous! Following everyone back :) <3

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the flowers
do not apologize
to the moon
for not blooming
for her.

m.v., you do not owe anyone your affection. (via findingwordsforthoughts)

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